who are we 


Evelyne Aebischer is an architect graduate from the Polytechnic School of Zurich and has specialized in lighting design since the end of her studies
in 1997. Having worked for several years for a lighting manufacturer and supply company, Evelyne was able to acquire the technical knowledge of lighting. She also followed all the steps in the process of designing and manufacturing lighting fixtures, which today allows her to design specific
lighting fixtures for various projects. 


Philippe Bovigny, a trained electrical engineer, acquired his technical knowledge while working for various electrical engineers, which enables him to interact with technicians in the field. He received additional training as project manager and worked for several years for a lighting manufacturer and supplier.

In 2005 Evelyne Aebischer and Philippe Bovigny joined forces of knowledge and skills and created the lighting design agency Aebischer & Bovigny
in Switzerland and since 2017 the lightdesignagency LLC in Los Angeles and New York.