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lighting consultation 


First approach of the lighting concept in accordance with the architectural project. 3D visualizations and sketches are presented

and discussed with the architect and the client. Different possibilities and atmospheres are proposed to target the wishes of the client.
First proposal of lighting fixture and integration.
First coordination with the electrical engineer.


Once the lighting concept is chosen, the CAD drawings with

the location of the lighting and the technical lighting calculations

to check the values and the distribution of the light are carried out.

The integration details of the luminaires are studied and verified according to the details of the construction. Technical and energy aspects and lighting levels are checked with official standards and guidelines. At the end of this phase, a document serving as a guideline for the entire light project is delivered. 


An estimated budget of lighting supply is provided.
In the meantime and in supplement of the guidebook, the description

of the lighting fixtures with the technical specification is joined to allow the electrician or the general contractor to order the exact lighting fixture.


Once the architectural project is defined  we check the lighting fixtures plans. We coordinates the lighting plan with other building techniques and provide all technical information needed. In collaboration with

the electrical engineer, we plan the lighting management of the various lighting.


We remain informed of the evolution of the project and the building site and adapt the concept of light if necessary. We supervise the work on site. 


Completion of lighting project, fine tuning of the lighting, maintenance manual for the user.

lightdesignagency provides also consultation services for smaller projects by analyzing existing layouts and developing solutions for workspaces, conference rooms, sales floors, showrooms, as well as private residences.

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